John MacGruer has produced, directed, written, filmed, and edited numerous productions for profit and nonprofit organizations. His award-winning, international and national work has ranged from documentaries and dramas to commercials and marketing projects. His dramatic production on the life and art of Edith Wharton, "Songs from the Heart", was broadcast nationally on Bravo and PBS. "Polytrauma", an emergency medical docu-drama was also broadcast nationally on PBS. The pilot cooking show "Cookin'with Alice" and "Monterey Lights The Way" were broadcast by PBS regionally to MA, CT and NY.



"It is now clear to everyone that the decision to produce a campaign video was sound and has been justified many times over by the progress of the campaign . . . Your integration of the children throughout the production is masterly . . .  the campaign video has been an invaluable tool."

 — Elizabeth T. Selkowitz

Co-Chair, Berkshire 21, Berkshire Museum


"The videos produced for us are extremely effective. Not only have these videos increased sales, but they do such an excellent job of promoting the use of our body armor, we credit them with saving lives."

— Richard Stone, President

Point Blank Body Armor